What is Brew Buy

Our Goal


Brew Buy© is a large brewery group-buy that we (Campus Promotions Inc.) orchestrate to help you find great savings on marketing and promotional items. By bundling your smaller orders, we can buy in bulk from factories that cannot even be reached without minimum orders like 5000pcs.

What does this mean?

We can offer you customized quality products at discounted prices.

We’re committed to helping you buy better, and smarter. We want to help you get the most for your money, while staying competitive in this massive sea of (big) beer. 


We make product offers by email and set the table for a big group buy. Included is a product picture, suggested use, price, decoration and minimum order quantity. We set a time limit, and if enough interest is solicited to make the factories minimum order invoice, we place the order. If we do not reach the target goal--say, $3000--then we will (usually) not proceed. There are occasions where the product offering does not require a target goal, and we will let you know when this is the case.

But overall, this whole thing really works best if there are at least a few of you who want the same stuff. Know a fellow brewery also interested in a product? If we don't already offer it, let us know, and you can go in on it together! 

Our product offers range from classic items like pint glasses or bottle openers, to completely original patented ideas. If we’re not working to find something we know you need, we’re creating something you’ve never seen before. Stay tuned.


Other than unconventionally low minimums and prices? Other than innovation? Experience. 

The management at Brew Buy© has been importing and domestically manufacturing since 1982. From micro breweries to global-multinationals, we have been involved with promotional marketing and sourcing at every level, and we are committed to helping you navigate the challenges of procurement.

We know the factories that create the best value and who have an interest in connecting with new customers in this unique purchasing environment. We have seen the evolution of the top 50 items sold in the beer industry, and our mantra is to make them available to you without loading you up on inventory! (When we aren’t inventing the next one, of course.

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