Meet the Team


Meet The Team

Greeting to all members of the Campus Promotions family. The year 2022 marks our 40th anniversary in the Promotional Products business. A shout out to all present and former customers, employees, vendors, bankers, patent attorneys, joint venture partners, manufacturers in Canada, USA and around the world. Mostly, thank you to my friends and peers, my wife Paula and my children Laura and Sara who have both supported our efforts and made every day a joy despite the ups and down of entrepreneurship. It has been a wonderful ride and we thank you for your support, trust and encouragement during these turbulent times of change, opportunity and reinvention.


PETER "RUSTY" LUCHAK  President & Founder

Peter is our "creator", our inventor, with new ideas and approaches to both products and bringing them to market. In the last 35 years Rusty has acquired 4 patents, 1 Best New Product (Chicago Premium Show), 1 runner up, 1 Best New Product (New York Premium show) and 1 honourable mention (Chicago Premium Show). 2x Vendor of the Year. Plenty of international contacts and experience.


LAURA LUCHAK Director of Business Development

Laura loves school, education and everything about campus life. With both a B.A. and M.A. in philosophy, she has a quest for knowledge that fits our business of never ending change. She has a contemporary view of her world that is anything but status quo. Take advantage of her knowledge while you can.


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