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Campus Promotions Inc. (CPI) was founded in 1982 at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. We sell promotional products and regularly turn customers concepts and ideas into real products.

Since London is home to both Canada’s finest University (Western) and its largest national brewery (Labatt), our core business became selling products for both the best campus experience and enticing the breweries' key demographic: the student drinker.

Whether purchasing a generic commodity or a specialty promotional item, Campus Promotions Inc. offers four way to be of service to you: 

  1. Search our database of over 750,000 products. Plug in a key word and asses your product options. It is a great place to start your project.
  2. Consider bundling or group buying. Our BREW BUY© website is not just for beer products. It allows any customer to bundle small orders into one large better priced group order.
  3. Think outside the box. Consider better ideas in their infancy and ride the wave of success. Our Crafty Can Cooler (C3) line of products services numerous market segments with the appeal of irreverence and practicality.
  4. Call or zoom us. We have almost four decades of experience. Be it an idea or product, we can walk you through some options. Don't be a stranger.


Meet The Team

The COVID-19 era is upon us. Are you ready? Whether you need to retool, pivot or change your business, we are here to help. Our products touch people and your people are what count most. We have the experience to help navigate the changing times. 


PETER "RUSTY" LUCHAK  President & Founder

Peter is our "creator", our inventor, with new ideas and approaches to both products and bringing them to market. In the last 35 years Rusty has acquired 4 patents, 1 Best New Product (Chicago Premium Show), 1 runner up, 1 Best New Product (New York Premium show) and 1 honourable mention (Chicago Premium Show). 2x Vendor of the Year. Plenty of international contacts and experience.



LAURA LUCHAK Director of Business Development

Laura loves school, education and everything about campus life. With both a B.A. and M.A. in philosophy, she has a quest for knowledge that fits our business of never ending change. She has a contemporary view of her world that is anything but status quo. Take advantage of her knowledge while you can.



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